Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady – Berry Blast

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A blast of cherries paired with a hint of raspberry. This cherry berry magic mix will blow your mind

Dinner Lady – Cola Shades

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Cola Shades by Dinner Lady, a refreshing blend of cola, lemon, and ice (menthol) flavours, best described as a cola lemonade.

Dinner Lady – Flip Flop Lychee

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Flip Flop Lychee eliquid by Summer Holidays features a combination of sweet and tart notes throughout. A delicate lychee flavour gets things started, countered on exhale by a combination of citrus and ice for a sharp endnote.

Dinner Lady – Pink Wave

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Ride the pink strawberry, lemon and coconut wave and let the flavours carry you like never before

Dinner Lady – Purple Rain

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Embrace the fruity fun by letting your senses dance in this purple rain with drops of blueberry, raspberry and lemon.

Dinner Lady – Strawberry Bikini

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Strawberry Bikini eliquid by Summer Holidays is an authentic tasting citrus flavour with a fruity twist. The lemonadecombines sweet and tangy notes, which are intensified on exhale by a summer strawberry and a icy note.

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