Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady – Cola Shades

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Cola Shades by Dinner Lady, a refreshing blend of cola, lemon, and ice (menthol) flavours, best described as a cola lemonade.

Dinner Lady – Flip Flop Lychee

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Flip Flop Lychee eliquid by Summer Holidays features a combination of sweet and tart notes throughout. A delicate lychee flavour gets things started, countered on exhale by a combination of citrus and ice for a sharp endnote.

Dinner Lady – Summer Bikini

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Strawberry Bikini eliquid by Summer Holidays is an authentic tasting citrus flavour with a fruity twist. The lemonadecombines sweet and tangy notes, which are intensified on exhale by a summer strawberry and a icy note.

Dinner Lady – Tuck Shop – Apple Sours

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Apple Sours by Dinner Lady Tuck Shop

Apple Sours eliquid has a well balanced, sweet and sour candy flavour profile. Crisp notes of ripe tasting apples feature heavily on inhale, and are undercut by a tangy burst of fizzy sherbet on exhale for a tart afterbite.

Dinner Lady – Tuck Shop – Bubble Trouble

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Bubble Trouble by Dinner Lady Tuck Shop

Bubble Trouble eliquid is inspired by the iconic tuck shop favourite; bubble-gum. Fruity notes of strawberry complement sugary undertones and a hint of banana, to create a genuine tasting bubblegum flavour.

Dinner Lady – Tuck Shop – Lemon Sherbet

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Lemon Sherbet by Dinner Lady Tuck Shop

Lemon Sherberts eliquid is a nostalgic favourite. Sweet and zesty notes of fresh tasting lemons characterise the inhale, finished off by a burst of fizzy, sour sherbet for a tangy aftertaste.

Dinner Lady – Tuck Shop – Sweet Fusion

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Sweet Fusion by Dinner Lady Tuck Shop

Sweet Fusion eliquid is inspired by popular rainbow candy. Intense, fruity flavours such as strawberry and lime characterise the inhale, and are followed by sugary notes of hard candy on exhale to create a multicoloured sweet sensation.

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