Coilade Eliquid

Coilade Eliquid – Blue Jelly Bean

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An evolution to your normal, everday blueberry and raspberry vape. This unforgettable mix is intricately layered to provide a rich, dynamic blend of sweet, special blue raspberry kissed with a unique citrus sensation arousing even the most flaccid of taste buds.

Coilade Eliquid – Rainbow Jelly Bean

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Coilade rainbow perfectly blends a spectacular spectrum of nostalgic and flavourful jelly beans to deliver this psychedelic mix. The beauty of the aesthetics compliments the beauty and taste as this vape juice gets more and more magnificent.

Coilade Eliquid – Raspberry Jelly Bean

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Refreshing raspberry jelly beans are irrefutably delicious. Relive your childhood memories as each inhale overwhelms your palate with an ultimate explosion of sweet aromas, equivalent to consuming the soft candy.

Coilade Eliquid – Strawberry Jelly Bean

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Cherry Cola is an unmarked, hybrid composition of dark, heavenly cherries laced with an all time favourite cola ice pop. This inconceivable mixture will kick start your palate to whole a new world of flavour.

Coilade Eliquid – Vim20 Jelly Bean

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If you love the taste of Vimto, then you’ll love this vim20 vape. This delightful treat is filled with all the goodness of the drink with a slight twist of jelly mixture infusion. Enough to put a smile on anyone’s face.

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